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A DEIS & RAPID area schools initiative




The Ready to go Orienteering initiative

READY TO GO ORIENTEERING aims to train and equip primary and post primary PE teachers with the skills and ability to teach the fundamentals of the sport to their class and provide them with the necessary resources to do this.

Ready to Go Orienteering is an Irish Orienteering Association initiative, financed by the Dormant Accounts Fund, to introduce and promote the sport into schools and encourage teachers to implement the program.

Schools participating in Ready to Go Orienteering will receive a customised orienteering map of their school grounds with features commonly found in the school yard eg, lamp post, bench, football goals, basket ball courts, playground frames etc.

Participants are also given a resource pack including games cards, simple maps and orienteering controls. Online resources will also be provided which can be downloaded and printed.

Initially, Ready to go Orienteering is being rolled out to qualifying DEIS and Rapid Area schools in the Dublin, Cork, Mayo and the South East. 

contact us

Áine Joyce

(Project Co-ordinator)


email us for further info

Please remember to let us know about your school, your role number and if you are a DEIS school or are in a RAPID area

what is orienteering?

Orienteering is a competitive sport that combines racing with navigation, using the geographical skills of map reading and the physical activity of running or walking. 


Orienteering appeals to a very wide age and fitness range and can be introduced to primary and post primary school children through a variety of exercises and activities on the school site.  


These activities are designed to enable the teaching of basic orienteering skills and associated physical skills in a fun and exciting way for your pupils.

orienteering & education

Orienteering offers a creative and inexpensive outdoor activity on the school site. It is an exciting, dynamic, individual sport that appeals to a wide age range and to people of all levels of fitness. 


It develops many transferable skills and links with both the Primary and Secondary PE Curriculum. 


Orienteering is surprisingly easy to implement and school grounds are often the best choice for a first-time, outdoor experience. It can be done both indoors and outdoors (making it a weatherproof adventure activity!) and without having to leave the school. 


The ‘real life’ problem solving skills experienced in orienteering can help make geography, maths and science much more relevant for students, whilst also helping them build on their confidence, communication and social skills.

teacher training provided!

Many teachers will have limited experience of orienteering. With this in mind, the Ready to go Orienteering course has been designed to give them a comprehensive  introduction to the sport in order to encourage teachers to include orienteering as part of their PE class.

READY TO GO Orienteering will train teachers to:


Introduce pupils to the basic skills of orienteering in a fun and exciting way


Identify where orienteering can be introduced to the school curriculum


Use games and activity cards that progress pupils from classroom lessons to participation in simple orienteering competitions and events


Explore and develop Outdoor and Adventure activities on the school grounds and/or local environment


Prepare pupils to compete in schools orienteering events in public parks

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